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After School Club, or Church Club as the children have named it, in St. James Church started up in October.
It runs every Friday 3.45-5pm during term time.
After School Club is an offer for young people in year 5 and 6. There has been about 10-12 people here in total, and on a regular Friday we will be about 4-7 kids.
We’ve had lots of fun together. We always start with some games and competitions. Hide and seek in the main church room, stuck in the mud and table tennis are typically activities. After a while with games we go in to a room called “the crafts room” by the young people. This is where we have the activity of the day. This could be baking, playing table-games and different crafts like making nativity, cards, mirrors etc.

The people that host the after school club is St. James Church together with PULSE (Barrow Deanery Youth Project).
PULSE is a project that works for the whole of Barrow Deanery with different activities for young people.
Text: Stine S.Risanger
Photos: Ragnhild Elise Opdal and Stine S.Risanger
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